At ACR Poker, rakebacks reach new levels with elite advantage

At ACR Poker, rakebacks reach new levels with elit...

If you are looking for a room that will give you back all the money you invested in online poker, ACR Poker is your best choice. Thanks to the Elite Benefits program, this site has found an excellent rebate system.

These bonuses are considered one of the most profitable systems in the online poker world It has a lot of advantages for those who play the most. The theme chosen by ACR Poker is similar to military competitions and frontline battles.

The Venom will launch in April and is expected to be exclusive to ACR Poker.

All players start with the rank of Lieutenant and advance through the ranks to achieve certain objectives over time until they earn the nickname Five-Star General , among which retribution is the highest.

Here’s how it works: Lieutenants start by adding 1 level point for each combat point. Since they are ranked lowest, the only advantage is that you can redeem your points for cash. However, once they collect 750 RP, they gain the next rank.

Other ranks are Captain, Major, Colonel, General and Five-Star General. The higher your level, the greater the rewards and bonuses. Benefits include cash bonuses, exclusive freerolls, the ability to earn higher multipliers to reach the next rank more easily, and other exciting promotions and competitions at every level.

Are you willing? Want to know more? Then you may enter here where you will remove all doubt, soldiers.

It’s time to go into battle!

At ACR Poker, rakebacks reach new levels with elit...

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