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Renan Meneguetti represents HU in 11th WSOP Super Circuit and wins $128M

Renan Meneguetti represents HU in 11th WSOP Super...

The only way for Brazil to win the WSOP Super Circuit title for the third day in a row is through elimination. In Event 11: the $800 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Max Championship, “mbappelatepu” upset HU in stunning fashion against Renan Meneguetti, who until then had been leading the FT. The winner earned $177,761, while the runner-up earned $128,524.

Renan confirmed his presence at the final table with almost double the prize money of his nearest rival. At the beginning of the game, he defeated the Chinese player “KETTAlin” with a flop of J♠J♥ against A♦K♣.

In the next level, Renan was involved in the pre-flop game again – in. He defeated Q♣Q♠ in “Mr.” with A♠K♦. Boubou”, directly hit the board 10♣5 2 7 8 and was eliminated again.

The next victim of the Brazilian was Vyacheslav Balaev. In a In a blind war, he made an open all-in and saw the Russian from Argentina call with A♥9♣. With 7♠7♥, Renan was unfazed by the 10♠Q♠4♥7♦3♦ board. Surprised.

With 75% of the chips in the 3-hand draw, Renan saw “mbappelatepu” eliminate “Jugador12” to explain the FT. Despite being nearly 1:4 behind, the mystery grinder only It took just a few minutes to take the lead.

Mbappelathepu won many of the pots without a showdown and continued to lead until he won the coveted gold ring. At the end In one hand, Renan risked 3 BBS and called CL’s all-in bet with Q♥J♠. With J♣3♥, 4♥7♣A♠5♣Q♠ the short stacks on the board had no chance.

Event 11 had 1,717 participants, triggering the $1,000,000 guarantee and distributing $1,304,920 in prize money.

Renan Meneguetti represents HU in 11th WSOP Super...

‘GGorOT?’ wins KOSS 1M Supreme and earns R$81,000

‘GGorOT?’ wins KOSS 1M Supreme and earns R$81,000

On Sunday the 3rd, Suprema hosts another hit event. In the KOSS Event 56-M: R$ 390 Supremo 1M GTD, “GGorOT?” is the one who screams champion. His balance increased by a total of R$81,608. The tournament had 1,957 participants.

In Event 28-H: R$800 Omax HR, “Pow Pow” earned a breakout of R$19,973 and “Ring Of Ass” took silver and R$6,321.

View other results:

Event 58-M: R$150 Battle HR (756 participants)

Winner: ” Heuristics ” R$ 16,579

Event 70-L: R$55 Supreminho (1,973 entrants)

Winner: “faceofkombii” R$ 15,857

Event 55-M: R$110 Warm-up (758 participants)

Winner: “NoCrying” €12,290

‘GGorOT?’ wins KOSS 1M Supreme and earns R$81,000

Casinos in tourist areas will become state property

Casinos in tourist areas will become state propert...

Mendoza San Rafael Casino Club, which closed in 2019 after operating for 20 years, will have a new destination away from the cards, chips and early mornings…

After five years of neglect and significant deterioration due to neglect and current condition, the property was transferred from the Gambling and Casino Research Institute to the Department of Education, Culture and Children, which will transform it into a registered city Some branches of the Department and School Directorate currently operate from rental properties.

Minister of Education, Culture and Children Tadeo García Zalazar and President of Gaming and Casinos Ida Magdalena López, signed the lease Alfredo Buffa Agreement for the Nuo Convention and Exhibition Center property.

This is where the San Rafael Casino is now.

In order for the project to become a reality, the building located at the corner of Emilio Civit and Barcala must be renovated, which requires an investment starting from 300 million pesos.

Why is the San Rafael Casino closing?

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, in December 2020, the Mendoza government confirmed the termination of the Casino Club’s concession to operate the San Rafael Casino, leading to the final closure of the venue. The offer for this room expired in 2019 and was closed on October 12 of the same year because it could not be extended.

The decision was made by the previous government and they did not want room concessions in malls to be granted for renewal. Therefore, the option to extend the casino club contract for a further five years is not allowed.

The time it will take to renovate the building, said Francisco Mondotte, director of government affairs at the Ministry of Government. “There will be varying degrees of progress each year. Work will fully commence in the middle of the year. From that point on, we expect the offices to be operational in about 10 months. We expect that to happen towards the end of this year or early next year. Work The deadlines sometimes take longer than expected. Currently, 300 million pesos have been allocated for the construction of approximately 400 square meters of land for the relocation of the offices of these agencies. The building is designed to have an area of ​​1,700 square meters, we can consolidate the offices of the DGE and incorporate the legal status of the Deputy Secretary of Labor or Consumer Protection. We want it to be a place that simplifies the lives of the people of San Rafael.

Casinos in tourist areas will become state propert...

EPT: Carlos Ribeiro plays some incredible hands late in HR


Carlos Ribeiro, also known as “Carlos Levis”, was the top Brazilian player at the EPT Paris High Roller, finishing in sixth place. As a result, he received Brazil’s top prize at the event held in the French capital in recent days. However, in order to achieve this feat, the miner from the city of Formiga had to avoid being eliminated twice in an “epic” way.

The first hand took place at 20,000/40,000 blinds, with Ribeiro making an open raise to hijack 90,000 chips. Vladas Tamasauskas three-bet from the big blind with 275,000 in chips and the action was back in the Brazilian’s favour.

After a brief respite, he went all-in for 1,130,000 chips and was quickly called by the Lithuanian player. show. Dominant, it seemed like it was all over for Carlos, but incredibly, the board turned the tables in his favor and he continued in the tournament.

As the game continued, Carlos’s chip count was comfortable, and was eventually broken by Lucas Marki, who. The Swiss Three bets were made on the table, leaving Ribeiro with just 660,000 chips against the 40,000/80,000 blinds.

Just a few hands later, the miraculous fold happened again. Carlos fake went all-in for 500,000 chips, leaving UTG 40,000 behind. He was appointed by Stanislav Zeger. On the flop, Ribeiro bet the rest of his chips, unaware of the danger he was in.

The German quickly called with his 3-bet and won everything, but a miraculous winning streak put Carlos back in the hole. game. One of them came on the turn and one on the river completed a series of wild moves that guaranteed the Brazilian a triple before he bowed out in sixth place for €197,300.


EPT: Stephen Chidwick and Daniel Dvoress Gewinnen High Roller

Stephen Chidwick and Daniel Dvoress win the heads-...

EPT Paris is still taking place in the French capital, with many of the world’s best players not missing out on the chance to compete in this prestigious event. With a good line-up of high rollers, many stars are looking for the famous Silver Sword, and there are two monsters in the starting lineup who have been winners of the first two major tournaments.

British Stephen Chidwick and Canadian Daniel Devores won the first two high-roller championships in the EPT Paris High Roller Event and have made good progress in the European arena. leading advantage. Besides the €25,000 buy-in, both players’ victories had one thing in common: they both had to beat two big stars in heads-up play.

€25,000 NL Hold’em I

Chidwick was the first to win in Paris. In the €25,000 NL Hold’em I, the Brit beat 51 entries to claim another career EPT title. The British star won a new €389,820 and continues to climb up the prestigious all-time money list.

In order to win the championship, Stephen Chidwick must surpass many stars. The likes of Sam Greenwood, Mike Watson and ubiquitous casual Jean Noel Torrell were all beaten in the decider. His last opponent was the Spanish genius Adrian Mateos. In a brilliant heads-up match, the Brit beat Mateos to finish second and take home €257,900.

€25,000 NL Hold’em II

This is Daniel Dvoress’ second chance to win the High Roller, and it’s his turn to shine. After making the final table in the first game and winning €25,000, the Canadian performed even better in the second and didn’t give up until he was crowned champion. He needed an extra day on his schedule but still beat 62 entrants to win €444,840.

Like the €25,000 before it, the final table was star-studded. Players like Enrico Camosi, Mike Watson (again) and Johannes Straver were eliminated. On the fateful day, Devores had to finish third against Tamas Adamszki before facing the legendary Niklas Astedt in a heads-up match. “Lena900” failed to beat Dvoress and finished second with €291,600.

Stephen Chidwick and Daniel Dvoress win the heads-...

KSOP SA: Peterson Machado advanced from CL and was eliminated in two hands

KSOP GGPoker SA: Peterson Machado goes from chip l...

Peterson Machado had absolutely no luck at the final table of the KSOP GGPoker South America Monster KO 8-Max. Anyone who followed the match on MundoTV’s official broadcast will have noticed that the Carioca star has experienced two near-death situations in a very short space of time, going from being the leader at the start of the FT to being the winner in just a few seconds Eliminated for the first time in minutes.

Monster KO 8-Max has a buy-in of R$3,000 and a number of stars are taking part in the FT. On the first hand of the final table, with blinds of 250,000/500,000, Peterson got lucky and started with 14,000,000 chips and dominated his opponents. First, Carioca’s chips increased to 1,200,000 and he received a call from Peruvian Congressman Sergey Utenkov.

flop changes It became a tragedy predicted by Brazilians. On the board, Peterson’s best pair was outnumbered by Sergey’s three pairs. In a 1,200,000-chip continuation bet, the Peruvian called; the Brazilian died on the turn, checked, and received a 1,000,000 bet from his opponent. With no way out, the Brazilian declared all-in, but was unhappy when he saw his opponent’s showdown, which left him with just 4,200,000 in chips.

What’s worse is that there are only 4 chips. minutes later. Utenkov called from UTG and announced a small raise, which Peterson cleanly passed the big blind. With only 8 blinds remaining, he declared an all-in move and was called by his opponent, who now had the largest stack on the table. The flop was good, but everything fell apart on the turn and the river didn’t save him.

The 2023 KSOP Overall Champion bowed out in ninth place, taking home R$18,500. The tournament winner, Luciano Macchiarelli of Argentina, took home 229,200 reais.

KSOP GGPoker SA: Peterson Machado goes from chip l...

KSOP SA: Nicolas Godoy named Main Event Hero

KSOP GGPoker SA: Nicolas Godoy risked Hero Summons...

The KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event on MundoTV offers an outstanding array of cards. The tournament has entered the final stages of its fourth day and every pot is worth a fortune in the race for the BRL 2 million first prize. However, one name dropped out of the tournament after a risky move: Nicolas Godoy.

The Argentinian tried to make a difficult decision and made a heroic call that cost him a place in the tournament. Unfortunately, his attempt failed and he was eliminated from the competition. The opponent in this match was Brazilian Bernardo Sette, who made a big bluff in a previous hand that might have come across as a bluff.

The match takes place with blinds of 30,000 / 60,000. Bernardo Sette raised to 120,000 on the button and was paid by Godoy, also in the big blind. The flop came and Bernardo went all-in with 95,000 chips. Nicolas Godoy decided to call first and saw a new 2 on the turn, namely .

After folding one card, the Brazilian decided to check after the Argentinian also folded, so that both men saw the river card. Nicolas passed again, but now Bernardo Set decided to apply maximum pressure. The Minas Gerais player calculated his opponent’s stack and overbet almost doubled the pot, allowing Godoy to go all-in.

Since he was only as high as King, Godoy started thinking. Maybe Nicolas Godoy sensed the bluff and decided to give Hero’s Call a try. But the bad news soon came. Bernardo Sette scored two pairs to eliminate the Argentinian. Nicolas won R$53,000.

KSOP GGPoker SA: Nicolas Godoy risked Hero Summons...

Here’s what you need to know about GGPoker Spin & Gold

Here’s what you need to know about GGPoker Spin &a...

At GGPoker they are looking for the best way to get more and more players involved in daily activities. Tournaments, cash games, and other formats are included so that every user is looking for the best way to have fun, such as spins and spins. Gold Level.

This version allows players to join the table for as little as $0.25 and earn 100,000x more winnings. Therefore, you canwin up to $1 million on a $10 bet.

Additionally, the room hasadded a 6-Max format, so you can choose between 3-Max or this new version. The more you play, the more points you earn, and you can share in the $50,000 daily bonus.

Here’s what you need to know about GGPoker Spin &a...

Mike Sexton Tip of the Month

Mike Sexton Tip of the Month

To be successful at poker, you must bet, not call. You must understand that when you bet, you can win the pot in two ways: bet without a showdown and win, or bet and win if you are called. If you call, there is only one way to win the pot: you have to have the best hand. Simply put, betting has a 2×1 advantage over calling, so all good players will tend to bet, not just call.

Mike Sexton Tip of the Month

WSOP Winter Online Circuit Guaranteed Prize of $150,000,000

PokerOK WSOP Winter Circuit 2022

For the third time, the Winter Poker Series will be the $150,000,000 WSOP Winter Online Circuit event. The 18 event winners will receive WSOPC rings and huge prize money.

Winter ringtones.

Poker players were treated to a major tournament holiday earlier this year with a redesign of the tournament grid for online poker rooms. The hundreds of side events in the new series are guaranteed to be record-setting for online poker.

The room will be open to the 150,000,000 WSOP Winter Series donors on the online circuit starting December 4th. From 2022 to January 9, 2023. The 18-ring event will dominate.

Of course, the following events will dominate this month. Even those who aren’t in a position to compete for the ring. Stepper satellites cost a few dollars.

The Ring Event is different from the year-long series:

For the same number of tournament, their guaranteed money increased by nearly $5 million.

Super MILLION$ High Roller guarantee restored to $5,000,000.

The lowest tournament in the $50 series begins with a flight the week before the event.

The $100 Flip&Go MTT event replaces the Crazy Eights with a million-dollar prize pool.

The most popular New Year’s Eve tournament will be the $210 Mystery Bounty, with a guaranteed amount of $2,023,000.

The minimum prize pool for the Main Event is $10,000,000, with a BI of $1,700.

PokerOK WSOP Winter Circuit 2022