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KSOP SA: Peterson Machado advanced from CL and was eliminated in two hands

KSOP GGPoker SA: Peterson Machado goes from chip l...

Peterson Machado had absolutely no luck at the final table of the KSOP GGPoker South America Monster KO 8-Max. Anyone who followed the match on MundoTV’s official broadcast will have noticed that the Carioca star has experienced two near-death situations in a very short space of time, going from being the leader at the start of the FT to being the winner in just a few seconds Eliminated for the first time in minutes.

Monster KO 8-Max has a buy-in of R$3,000 and a number of stars are taking part in the FT. On the first hand of the final table, with blinds of 250,000/500,000, Peterson got lucky and started with 14,000,000 chips and dominated his opponents. First, Carioca’s chips increased to 1,200,000 and he received a call from Peruvian Congressman Sergey Utenkov.

flop changes It became a tragedy predicted by Brazilians. On the board, Peterson’s best pair was outnumbered by Sergey’s three pairs. In a 1,200,000-chip continuation bet, the Peruvian called; the Brazilian died on the turn, checked, and received a 1,000,000 bet from his opponent. With no way out, the Brazilian declared all-in, but was unhappy when he saw his opponent’s showdown, which left him with just 4,200,000 in chips.

What’s worse is that there are only 4 chips. minutes later. Utenkov called from UTG and announced a small raise, which Peterson cleanly passed the big blind. With only 8 blinds remaining, he declared an all-in move and was called by his opponent, who now had the largest stack on the table. The flop was good, but everything fell apart on the turn and the river didn’t save him.

The 2023 KSOP Overall Champion bowed out in ninth place, taking home R$18,500. The tournament winner, Luciano Macchiarelli of Argentina, took home 229,200 reais.

KSOP GGPoker SA: Peterson Machado goes from chip l...

KSOP SA: Nicolas Godoy named Main Event Hero

KSOP GGPoker SA: Nicolas Godoy risked Hero Summons...

The KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event on MundoTV offers an outstanding array of cards. The tournament has entered the final stages of its fourth day and every pot is worth a fortune in the race for the BRL 2 million first prize. However, one name dropped out of the tournament after a risky move: Nicolas Godoy.

The Argentinian tried to make a difficult decision and made a heroic call that cost him a place in the tournament. Unfortunately, his attempt failed and he was eliminated from the competition. The opponent in this match was Brazilian Bernardo Sette, who made a big bluff in a previous hand that might have come across as a bluff.

The match takes place with blinds of 30,000 / 60,000. Bernardo Sette raised to 120,000 on the button and was paid by Godoy, also in the big blind. The flop came and Bernardo went all-in with 95,000 chips. Nicolas Godoy decided to call first and saw a new 2 on the turn, namely .

After folding one card, the Brazilian decided to check after the Argentinian also folded, so that both men saw the river card. Nicolas passed again, but now Bernardo Set decided to apply maximum pressure. The Minas Gerais player calculated his opponent’s stack and overbet almost doubled the pot, allowing Godoy to go all-in.

Since he was only as high as King, Godoy started thinking. Maybe Nicolas Godoy sensed the bluff and decided to give Hero’s Call a try. But the bad news soon came. Bernardo Sette scored two pairs to eliminate the Argentinian. Nicolas won R$53,000.

KSOP GGPoker SA: Nicolas Godoy risked Hero Summons...

Here’s what you need to know about GGPoker Spin & Gold

Here’s what you need to know about GGPoker Spin &a...

At GGPoker they are looking for the best way to get more and more players involved in daily activities. Tournaments, cash games, and other formats are included so that every user is looking for the best way to have fun, such as spins and spins. Gold Level.

This version allows players to join the table for as little as $0.25 and earn 100,000x more winnings. Therefore, you canwin up to $1 million on a $10 bet.

Additionally, the room hasadded a 6-Max format, so you can choose between 3-Max or this new version. The more you play, the more points you earn, and you can share in the $50,000 daily bonus.

Here’s what you need to know about GGPoker Spin &a...

Mike Sexton Tip of the Month

Mike Sexton Tip of the Month

To be successful at poker, you must bet, not call. You must understand that when you bet, you can win the pot in two ways: bet without a showdown and win, or bet and win if you are called. If you call, there is only one way to win the pot: you have to have the best hand. Simply put, betting has a 2×1 advantage over calling, so all good players will tend to bet, not just call.

Mike Sexton Tip of the Month

WSOP Winter Online Circuit Guaranteed Prize of $150,000,000

PokerOK WSOP Winter Circuit 2022

For the third time, the Winter Poker Series will be the $150,000,000 WSOP Winter Online Circuit event. The 18 event winners will receive WSOPC rings and huge prize money.

Winter ringtones.

Poker players were treated to a major tournament holiday earlier this year with a redesign of the tournament grid for online poker rooms. The hundreds of side events in the new series are guaranteed to be record-setting for online poker.

The room will be open to the 150,000,000 WSOP Winter Series donors on the online circuit starting December 4th. From 2022 to January 9, 2023. The 18-ring event will dominate.

Of course, the following events will dominate this month. Even those who aren’t in a position to compete for the ring. Stepper satellites cost a few dollars.

The Ring Event is different from the year-long series:

For the same number of tournament, their guaranteed money increased by nearly $5 million.

Super MILLION$ High Roller guarantee restored to $5,000,000.

The lowest tournament in the $50 series begins with a flight the week before the event.

The $100 Flip&Go MTT event replaces the Crazy Eights with a million-dollar prize pool.

The most popular New Year’s Eve tournament will be the $210 Mystery Bounty, with a guaranteed amount of $2,023,000.

The minimum prize pool for the Main Event is $10,000,000, with a BI of $1,700.

PokerOK WSOP Winter Circuit 2022

Carrion and Belluscio are competing in the WPT World Championship

Carrion and Belluscio lead Latinos to victory at W...

WPT World Championship is an exciting event with a $40 million prize pool, a total of 3,835 entrants collected, a value of $10,400, and still an overlay, currently in the Three days, Latin Americans in title contention

The championship prize is $5.6 million, and the money bubble bursts at Wynn Las Vegas this Saturday, 480 Players advance to Day 3. The games this Sunday will be all for money. Rounding out the top 10 are a Breslenho and an Argentinian.

Mateus Carrion finished second.

Mateus Carrion is in second place with 2,615,000 chips, behind leader Alessandro Siena (3,035,000) and Julio Belluscio The tenth rank is 2,385,000 points.

After winning the WSOP bracelet in Las Vegas a few months ago, Bartolo is now excited to return to a major tournament

In addition to Carrion and Belluscio, the Mexicans also carry their flag high as part of the Latin Armada as they have two representatives: Andres Campero is very well placed with a stack of 2,155,000 chips while Diego Sanchez closed with a stack of 1,075,000.

Meanwhile, the other Brazilians and Argentines also battling it out are Joao Simao with 1,515,000 and Matias Gabrenja with 800,000.

This Sunday, Day 3 action kicks off at 12 noon in Las Vegas and six more 90-minute levels will be played with the action resuming with the remaining 36 minutes of Level 15 in blinds of 10,000-15,000 and big blind of another 15,000.

WPT World Championship Main Event

Buy-in: US$10,400

Day 1A entries: 609 (202 qualifiers)

Day 1B Tickets: 730 (265 qualifiers)

)Day 1C Tickets: 973 (337 qualifiers)

Day 1D entries: 1,523 (571 qualifiers)

Total entries: 3,835 (1,375 qualified to Day 2)

Pot: US$40,000,000 GTD

Paid-in places: 480

Next Cash: $18,700 (480th to 445th)Blinds: Level 15 (10,000/15,000 and Big Blind Ante of 15,000)

Top 10 of the count

1st Alessandro Siena – 3,035,0002nd Mateus Carrion – 2,615,000

3° David Levy – 2.600.000

4° Julien Martini – 2.600.000

5° Jacob Ferro – 2.600.000

6° Ade Olonoh – 2.520.000

7° Raphael Blouet – 2.450.000

8° Michael Gathy – 2,400,000

9° Aditya Sadhu – 2.395.00010° Julio Belluscio – 2.385.000

Carrion and Belluscio lead Latinos to victory at W...

If Poker Is Exciting, You’re Playing Wrong

If Poker Is Exciting, You're Playing Wrong

With the increase in professionalism, more and more players say that playing poker for fun and playing poker to win money are completely different things, and each aspect needs to be considered. Different aspects.

One of the factors that determines the emotional level of poker is directly related to hand selection. The more cards you play, the more activity you experience at the table, even if this doesn’t lead to more money – in fact, it often has the opposite effect.

Spending time not playing poker can be boring.

One of the pros who defends this idea is Nathan BlackRain79 Williams, who says without hesitation, “Winning without playing may seem contradictory at first. Butchoosing the hands you play is the best way to gain an advantage in this game.”

For experienced players, this is a no-brainer argument, however, it’s always good to remember that the audio-visual content you usually see in poker is full of great sights and exciting situations, but the reality is , it is omitted from edited material or it is usually a reproduction of the final instance in which there is a higher tempo.

“In practice this means that about 80% of the time you won’t be playing. Sometimes this can seem downright boring, and that’s totally fair. But in my opinion, it’s better to risk being a little boring in exchange for The relatively easy money to win is a fair trade-off.”

Canadians believe Even if you are not directly involved in the hand, it does not mean you should stop and wait for the next move. “Instead, you should use this downtime to observe what is happening and the opponent,” he concluded in one of his latest columns.

If Poker Is Exciting, You're Playing Wrong

Tigergaming offers a comprehensive enhanced experience.

Accelerated Poker by Tigergaming

Not surprisingly, the Boost Poker format became ubiquitous in the 2010s and beyond, sharing the title of “online poker’s most successful invention” with Spins. Read this article to learn how to get the most out of Tigergaming’s Boost Poker.


In February 2018, the Quick Poker skin was launched on the Chico Network. There used to be five different Texas hold’em limits in the lobby, but now there are only three: NL$10, NL$25, and NL$50.

At TigerGaming you can play Omaha games with four different limits, with blinds ranging from $0.05/$0.10 to $0.5/$1.


From the time of publication to Around mid-2022, Fast Poker will only support NL10$ limits. From late afternoon to early morning, the cumulative number of contacts ranged from 50 to 110 people. There is constant activity throughout the day, but the maximum number of connections is around 20-30.

The NL$25 table is very busy and a new ranking list has been released which will be launched in summer 2022. Indeed, the 30-50 connections offered are only available during European and American business hours.


Boost NL25$ player’s Daily leaderboard, with daily rewards of $250.

To participate, you must log in every day, visit the poker client’s mission page and click the “Log In” button.

Each dollar of commission contributes one point to the overall ranking. Twenty lucky participants will share the delicious food.

Accelerated Poker by Tigergaming

CAP Buenos Aires is coming and even brings a tournament in USD

CAP Buenos Aires is coming and even brings a tourn...

Everything is ready. A new edition of CAP Buenos Aires returns on Sunday for the sixth event of the Argentina Poker Tour’s 11th season, heading into 2023 arrival.

From Sunday to Monday the 18th, Madero Poker hosts tournaments to suit every taste and, most importantly, every budget. From the Super High Roller with a $1,500 buy-in to the Main Event with a $260,000 buy-in, other tournaments start from just $8,000.

Competition will begin on Sunday with Days 1A and 1B of the Experience 90K, while the main event and SHR satellites will also take place on the same day.

Bianchini is coming off a win in his final CAP race in Santa Rosa.

SHR will have a $1,500 buy-in on Monday for two days, with re-entry to level 14, before Tuesday. The starting stack here is 50,000 chips, with blinds increasing every 50 minutes on the first day and every 60 minutes on the final day.

The Main Event takes place from Tuesday to Sunday, 17. , when the winner is announced. In between are Day 1A (Tuesday), Day 1B (Wednesday), and Day 1C and 1D Turbo (both on Thursday). Then it continues with Day 2 on Friday, Day 3 on Saturday and the final table on Sunday.

The buy-in is $260,000 and players will have 40,000 chips to compete in 11 50-minute levels. The first game consisted of 10 60-foot levels each day.

There are several other events in the program, such as the critically acclaimed Second Chance, which has days 1A and 1B with buy-ins of $130,000, as well as There is a three-day $500,000 High Roller, which also includes Days 1A and 1B, ending on Monday the 18th.

In addition, there will be the already famous Mistery Bounty $110,000, Senior $130,000, another $130,000 Bounty and for speed For enthusiasts, there’s the 75K Flash as well as the 15-foot louver and the Turbo 60K with 20-foot louver.

CAP Buenos Aires is coming and even brings a tourn...

Ana Márquez, for SoMuchPoker: “I intend to play more High Rollers this year”

Ana Márquez, for SoMuchPoker:

Spanish women’s poker has two fundamental pillars: Leo Margets and Ana Márquez .

Both are characterized by easy access to sponsorship. Throughout their long careers, they have represented many spaces and gained international influence through them, allowing them to inspire not only the women in our communities, but the planet as a whole.

Ana Márquez is now wearing the CardRoom colors of the Americas . This new venture allows her to make a leap she has resisted for over a decade since her presentation to the community at the 2011 PCA Bahamas and her subsequent commitment to Pokerstars.

The owner of the room he represents, Philip Nagy, took several of his players to the Vietnam Legends Poker Series last month, no doubt encouraged by media coverage of Ebony Kenney’s impressive performance in Cyprus, a stop on the circuit. To that end, he organized the ACR Poker Pro Challenge and offered the winner a six-figure prize, with the aim of encouraging his team of pros to invest in buy-ins in Vietnam.

The Spanish player, who played around $25,000 in tournaments early on, encountered her first full high roller event on the same journey, and it couldn’t have been better. The Asian portal SoMuchPoker gave him an extensive interview in which he talked about this particular topic in a very specific way.

By the way, you played your first Triton Series in Vietnam and even made the final table of the 25K Turbo. How was the experience?

Yes, this is my first time and I love it. I’ve wanted to race a Triton for a long time. I was well prepared and very focused, and I knew Vietnam would be a really good stopover as well. So I decided to venture there. It was an amazing experience. And I can’t complain about making a final table at my first Triton Festival.

Are you planning to play more high rollers this year? What’s next?

Yes, but I want to take it easy. I’m someone who doesn’t like to be rushed and I want to be prepared before I get involved in something like this. This year I plan to play more high-level competitions, but I want to choose carefully which ones I play. My next big event is EPT Monte Carlo, and if I feel good, I’ll probably play around 25,000 Euros. If I win the ACR’s 100K Challenge, I’ll have the chance to go to Triton, Cyprus for more high rollers in May. But if I don’t win, I’m going to stay home, study hard and prepare more for the WSOP and possibly the Triton in London.

They have $2 million in live prize money and regularly travel the world to play poker tournaments. What is the most exciting moment you remember today?

Honestly, I think Triton Vietnam was one of my best experiences. I’ve always wanted to play high stakes and high rollers. I’ve played high stakes before, but never a Super High Roller, and the Triton Series is now the most prestigious circuit in the world at this level.

I’ve played $25,000 tournaments in the past, like the PCA, but I think the jump between $25,000 events and $50,000 or more events is really important. Up to $25,000 is high stakes in my opinion, but beyond that, we’re entering a world of our own. During my stay in Vietnam, I entered my first $50,000 event. It’s incredible to me. It is my dream to be able to participate in this game. So it was definitely one of the most memorable moments of my career.

For over 10 years, you’ve been in the poker industry spotlight through sponsorships, achievements and even your personal life. You’ve been under the spotlight of the media. Now that you have more experience…how do you see this aspect of your career?

It has its ups and downs. Obviously, this is a great opportunity for me to get sponsored, and in that sense, it’s been great. But other parts of the show get a little more complicated. I like to keep myself in my own circle, that’s what I love about poker. You can keep playing without worrying about anything else, just focus on your game. But when you’re low key, you’re also under a certain amount of stress. Especially at the beginning.

When I started and became number one in poker in Spain, for two years after that, I was fighting for the rankings and there was a lot of pressure. This adds extra stress that I don’t think is necessary. Also, I like to be mysterious on social media and in my life, I find it a little unnatural to post on social media. I understand that I have to, but it’s a little awkward at times. So it has a good side and a bad side. But overall, the exposure has been positive, and it definitely did me more good than harm.

The WSOP is just around the corner. Have you made a schedule of the tournaments you’ll be playing, what the main tournaments will be, and are you planning to play some cash games in Las Vegas as well?

I figured I’d do both. I played a lot of cash games last year, but this year I want to give it my all in tournaments. I want to play as many games as possible, but it also depends on how I feel there.

I try to play as many cash games as possible. As for the main events I’ll be playing besides the WSOP Main Event, I’m really looking forward to playing the WPT EveryOne for One Drop, which is a $10,000 prize money event with a $10 million guarantee. I’m not sure I want to play the more expensive buy-ins in Vegas because the WSOP takes a lot of energy.

I mean it depends on how I feel. Sometimes when you cash out at certain events, you feel great and get really excited, but then you underperform and get overwhelmed. So I don’t know yet. I want to relax and focus. I’m going to recharge before Vegas and get there strong and ready.

Ana Márquez, for SoMuchPoker: