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Sponsors Doyle Brunson and Jack Binion officially named the poker tournament site Horseshoe.

Sponsors Doyle Brunson and Jack Binion officially...

In a ceremony attended by Jack Binion, Doyle Brunson and WSOP Director Jack Effel, the former Bally’s Casino was officially renamed “Horseshoe Las Vegas”.

As The Horseshoe will host the WSOP, Effel’s appearance on behalf of hotel management is crucial. The casino, originally located on Fremont Street, was the birthplace of the event in 1970. For the first time in 20 years, the World Series of Poker will be held at a venue called The Horseshoe.

New Casino Director Jason Gregorec Speaks “The resort as a whole has achieved important milestones. ”

No, we are not only excited, but excited for guests to experience the resort’s modern redesign and state-of-the-art facilities “We also want to restore Ras A legendary name in the Vegas hospitality industry. ”

Although the Horseshoe Hotel has been open since January and the Las Vegas Horseshoe is already a World Series of Poker event, the Grand The opening ceremony took place last Friday. As mentioned, Doyle Brunson and Jack Binion were the esteemed godparents at the ceremony.

Jack Binion’s father, Benny Binion, founded the original Horseshoe in 1951. As a token of appreciation, the casino A plaque commemorating the family ranch was placed in the poker area.

Doyle was invited on behalf of all players like him. Displayed in the Poker Room, home to the Poker Hall of Fame and the headquarters of the World Series of Poker.

For some time, Caesars Entertainment has been working on a restoration of the former casino to restore the Binion name, which it Binion was acquired along with the Horseshoe brand following the completion of the transfer of World Series of Poker rights in 2004. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) was the inspiration for the poker rooms at Bally’s and nine other casinos in the United States, which have undergone similar changes and are now Host WSOP circuit and main event satellites.

Sponsors Doyle Brunson and Jack Binion officially...

Mathias Duarte is EPT Barcelona Mystery Bounty Champion

Mathias Duarte wins EPT Barcelona Mystery Bounty,...

EPT Barcelona attracts players from all over the world, especially Europe, but Uruguay has stolen the show in the event’s inaugural edition over the past two years. Regular player Mathias Duarte was the big winner of the €10,200 buy-in Mystery Bounty on Tuesday (22nd) after a final table packed with quality players.

Duarte repeated the feat of his friend Francisco Benítez, “Tomato”. ”, the same tournament he won in Barcelona last year. Maintaining Uruguay’s supremacy in mystery prize money earned the South American player a whopping €192,000. Duarte earned €104,500 from the regular prize pool and from Another €87,500 won in mystery jackpot.

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Duarte joined Brazilian Ramon Kropmanns in the final table victory. The Midas star claimed one of the two largest mystery bounties and was the fourth to earn the most Bonus player, despite eventually being eliminated in seventh place. Similar names were represented in the FT by legendary Erik Seidel, Englishman Patrick Kennedy and Israeli Tom Orpaz.

Heads up against Connor Beresford, the owner of the Red Sword website account “1_conor_b_1”. The decisive showdown started with more than double the score. The Uruguayans and Matias were in the lead and it didn’t take long for the game to come Got it. On a 3AQ8J board, Conor went all-in with AT and called with KT. Duarte hit the nuts on the river to end the game.

View the final prize pool, including payouts:

1. – Matias Duarte (Uruguay) – €192,000

2. – Conor Beresford (UK) – €100,000

3. – Tom Orpaz (Israel) – €143,200

4. – Patrick Kennedy (UK) – €52,100

5. – Quan Zhou (China) ) – €28,500

6. – Erik Seidel (USA) – €40,200

7. – Ramon Kropmanns (Brazil) – €90,600

8. – Ouassini Mansouri (France) – €29,500

Mathias Duarte wins EPT Barcelona Mystery Bounty,...

Killed and robbed during poker game: He jailed for 12 years

Killed and robbed during poker game: He jailed for...

In CanadaA criminal sentenced to 12 years in prison for a crime spree that included murdering a sex worker and robbing a participant in a home poker game years ago has been solved.

Ali Rafid Khudh Khudhair, 26, Iraqi, admits to playing a card game in May 2021 shot a young woman and committed an armed robbery, which went online in March this year. He was found guilty of the offenses under a ruling by British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Heather McNaughton. The charges include manslaughter, robbery and using an imitation firearm to commit robbery.

Poker Robbery

In March 2021, Khudhair was invited to a family poker game at an apartment in Burnaby, Vancouver. He wasn’t a regular player, but he was sitting at the table next to his friend. After throwing away the chips, Khudhair went outside to smoke, then returned and pulled out a gun. He then ordered the other players to put their phones on the table and lie face down on the floor.

He’s here

Khudhair stole an original Rolex watch from a customer and Punched a poker host twice in the face and then stole $1,500 from him. At this point, the Iraqi decided he wanted more and took his host to his room. He threatened to kill him if he didn’t give him the money left in the apartment. He did so and took $10,000 from the safebut was then pistol-whipped again and ordered to hand over more.

While this was happening, the host, now in the driving seat, grabbed a nearby knife and slashed Khudhair in the face while pushing him out of the bedroom. Khudhair and his friends took the opportunity to escapewith what they had.

Fatal shooting

Two months after the fatal shooting, Khudhair struck up a relationship with a sex worker and arrived at her home before pulling out a gun and trying to rob her. Unknown to the man, the woman’s boyfriend was in the guest room. Somehow, with Khudhair holding a gun, the woman managed to call 911 before being forced to hang up. The woman’s boyfriend went to investigate after hearing what he described as “strange noises.”

The boyfriend acted very bravely and pushed Khudhair out of the bedroom and forced him to follow him to retreat below. As Khudhair approached the exit,he turned and saw the man chasing him and fired a shot striking the woman.

The bullet “pierced (the woman’s soft tissue)” on the right forearm, enters the right chest cavity between the third and fourth ribs, passes through the middle and lower lobes of the right lung, and exits from the right sixth rib adjacent to the right lung in court records.

The friend then chased Khudhair, who threw the gun into bushes before being grabbed and punched before police arrived.

Emergency personnel arrived later and found the woman unconscious. Emergency surgery at the hospital could not save her life.

“Mr Khudhair planned the activities. He entered the apartment with a gun and drew it. He pointed the gun at Ms Arsenault and (her). “Mr Khudhair used The weapons were very careless and reckless. ”

Ultimately, the sentence was reduced to 9 years and 34 days, with credit for time served. The defendant was sentenced to provide a DNA sample and was banned from carrying firearms for life.

Killed and robbed during poker game: He jailed for...

Suprema Brazil 1M Supreme Champion “WooYoung-woo”

Suprema Brazil 1M Supreme Champion

On Sunday the 30th, the biggest tournament in the world presented players with yet another Millionaire Tournament. In the R$390 Supremo 1M GTD, “WooYoung-woo” beat 2,338 entrants to win R$107,343 out of a prize pool of R$1,148,823.

The winner of the R$750 HighS 100K GTD was “captainbra”. With his victory, his bankroll increased by R$33,783. There were 186 participants in this competition.

See additional results:

R$ 150 Battle HR 100K GTD (825 entries)

Champion: “BeckdeJah” R$ 20,067

R$ 550 Omax HR 50K GTD (115 entries)

Championship: “Lucky&Rich” R$ 19,907

R$250 Freeze 100K GTD (567 entries)

Champion: “Smart_br” R$ 19,648

R$30 Big Plus 100K GTD ( 2,293 entrants)

Championship: “paidopoker” R$ 18,460

R$ 55 Supreminho 100K GTD (2,451 entrants)

Championship: “jhon terry” R$14,604

R$110 warm-up 50K GTD (606 entries)

Championship: “StreetLeaks” R$8,909

R$110 Mystery 50K GTD (551 entrants)

Championship: “Borabill_” R$8,632

Suprema Brazil 1M Supreme Champion

‘Venom’ Guaranteed $10 Million Tomorrow

'Venom' Guaranteed $10 Million Tomorrow

The World Series of Poker is over, but the excitement continues for Latin American millers. Especially now that ACR Poker‘s new Venom is out, with $10 million in prize money, and everyone knows it’s coming, it will It’s crazy.

$2,650 buy-in The tournament kicks off this Thursday at 13:05 ET*. Across 28 levels, players must fight their way into the only day two, July 31st. Prior to this, Day 1B (7/23), Day 1C (7/27) and Day 1D (7/30) will be conducted.

Phase 2 sees contestants compete for prizes and advance to Day 3. During this phase, we will take action until the finalists of Defining the Story are announced on August 2nd.

Although tomorrow is launch day, there are still plenty of satellites to complete the remaining First Flight which can be played with minimal investment and through the Venom Mania series you already have Know the qualifiers.

Tech Specs:

Tournament: The Venom, GTD $10,000,000Buy-In: $2,650Starting Chips: 300,000Day One A: 20.07. 13:05 ET* (28 steps of 20 minutes each) Day 1B: 23.07. 13:05 ET* (28 steps of 20 minutes each) Day 1C: 27.07. 13:05 ET* (28 levels, 20 minutes each)Day 1D: 7/30 13:05 ET* (28 levels, 20 minutes each)Day 2: 31.07. 13:05 ET* (until level 47 with 30 minute blinds)Day 3: 1/8 13:05 ET* (until final 8 levels) Last day: 2/8 16:05 ET* (until a champion is found)

*Check local time here

'Venom' Guaranteed $10 Million Tomorrow

Gabriel Antunes is the sub $55 mini bounty builder HR

Gabriel Antunes is the sub $55 mini bounty builder...

Grinder Gabriel Antunes was one elimination away from winning the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR Award for his 16th consecutive round on Sunday. Antunes Gaa account holders finished second overall for $21,588. 5,475 entrants participated in the tournament.

Anderson “nanatopai” Nanato finished first out of 909 entrants in Sunday’s $109 Fenomeno event, adding $15,161 to his bankroll.

Anderson “nanatopai” Nanato took first place in Sunday’s $109 Fenomeno competition. There is a Brazilian double in the cooling off on Sunday. Alysson “Brunopoker94” Bruno took gold and $14,090, while runner-up Keven “kevenppn” Augusto took home $9,122.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo Seiji was the winner of the $1,050 Sunday Supersonic and won $13,159.

The site also features Daniel “D.japaa” Yamaki competing in the $1,050 Sunday Supersonic. Was on cooldown and won $10,341.

Gabriel Antunes is the sub $55 mini bounty builder...

Ramon Kropmanns is $630 Sunday High Roller Champion

Ramon Kropmanns is $630 Sunday High Roller Champio...

One of the three Brazilian players to win the traditional ACR tournament is doing well on the site a few weeks before another episode of Venom begins. In the early hours of the morning, Ramon Kropmanns won the $630 Sunday High Roller after agreeing on the three-handed stage. Account “PORKNOMAR” riders won a total of $79,176.

In the $215 European Special, winner Daniel “Truk0621” Yamaki took home $30,994, while Ricardo “rickzera” Rocha took home $30,994 for bronze and $16,590.

Shortly after, the national team took home a double in the $33 BIG10, with “SccP.GO” and “OXIDEWPN” taking home $14,396 and $10,453, respectively.

Luigi “G26” Soncin, meanwhile, finished fifth out of a field of 1,156 in the $215 Sunday Special, a feat that earned the grinder $13,302.

Ramon Kropmanns is $630 Sunday High Roller Champio...

Doyle Brunson: There was a memorial service in his honor.

Doyle Brunson: There was a memorial service in his...

It’s not just another Sunday at the World Series of Poker. On this day, Doyle Brunson cards will no longer be honored. That’s why hundreds of friends and family from the Godfather of Poker flocked to the Horseshoe Jubilee Theater for a “Celebration of Life” honoring the famous Texas Dolly. Brunson died in mid-May, and although the family had held a private ceremony, a memorial service for Doyle was quickly organized under the direction of his longtime manager, Brian Balsbaugh up.

Ceremony well received The hour-long ceremony was attended by poker professionals and industry titans at the WSOP in Las Vegas. The celebration continued throughout Brunson’s life, the winner of 10 World Series bracelets, a WPT champion and a star in cash games, including televised games. Brunson is the author of several books, including The Poker System, which is considered the bible.

Meanwhile, a documentary about Brunson’s life is in the works by poker pro and filmmaker Justin BoostedJ Smith. Excerpts from the documentary were also shown at the festivities at the Horseshoe Theatre.

Balsbaugh’s welcome to the celebration-goers included some of his own recollections of working with some of the biggest names in gaming. “I think he wants people to remember him as the guy who set the standard by which all future poker players will be judged,” Balsbaugh told attendees. Balsbow also gave a special thank you to Jack Binyon, one of the many celebrities in attendance.

Balsbow then passed the microphone to several prominent professionals and celebrities who shared some of their fondest memories of spending time with Brunson. Whether it’s on the table, on the golf course, or at other events. Dewey Tomko, Mori Eskandani, Gabe Kaplan, Lyle Berman, Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu and Doyle’s son Todd Brunson spoke for a few minutes, interspersed with two sessions hosted by the World Poker Tour and Balsbaugh’s Poker. A short video tribute was produced by an authorized agency.

The first to greet Brunson was his longtime poker and golf friend Dewey Tomko, who recounted how Doyle and his wife Louise helped Build it to clean water wells helped Africa earn sponsorship bonuses of $1,500 each. Some fountains are named after famous poker figures, so people take water from Brunson’s fountain or Binion’s fountain or even Tomko’s fountain, although Tomko has nothing to do with it.

Next is PokerGO President Mori Eskandani, another longtime friend of Brunson’s. “We didn’t lose the legend, what we lost was the legend,” Escandani told the party. Eskandani described filming the commercial starring Brunson, in which the rest of the cast stood on a 10-foot platform in front of a nautical backdrop. The rest of the cast climbed onto the platform via ladders, but Escandani arranged for a separate chair for Brunson — who suffered a leg problem after an accident on the job — and planned to film him in front of a green screen , and edit him into the shot. Brunson didn’t want it all. He rose from his chair, threw his cane aside, and climbed up the ladder to join the others.

Next up is actor and commentator Gabe Kaplan. “We’re here to celebrate his life, his legacy, his wit, his charisma, ‘Big Daddy.’ There’s never been anyone like him. And there will never be another like him. When you know you love him. If you know him well, you know he has a not-so-lovable side. I saw this page in particular. You’re trying to score on the first tee of a golf game. I’m not saying this guy is a tough negotiator, but if he was a hostage negotiator, a lot of people would die,” he interjected humorously.

Other Speaking from a turnaround was Hellmuth, who was just hours away from winning the No. 17 WSOP bracelet. The poker kid told the crowd that Doyle was “like an oasis” for him , a comforting presence in the vast ocean of poker. Then he changed the subject, telling how Brunson Hellmuth continued to cheat in pots for decades, even at the age of 89. “I’ll miss you,” Helms said in memory of Brunson. “But I’m not sure I’ll miss you cheating on me.

Daniel Negreanu also focused on Brunson’s unrivaled stamina. “For someone like Doyle to be able to do that, year after year, and not only go on to play the biggest games, but to win them, I think we can all admire and aspire .You know, when you think about the Poker Hall of Fame, I think one of the key aspects that Doyle has been emphasizing that von Dewey mentioned is standing the test of time. He’s the barometer.”

Gabe Kaplan had some great stories at Doyle Brunson’s celebration! ♣️♥️🖤 @Kevmath @ToddBrunson @TexDolly @LasVegasLocally /HpC44plxdM

– HippyLandscaperGuy 💚🤍 (@HippyPokerGuy) July 2, 2023

Last on stage One guest speaker was his son Todd, who had a more serious story told from the early days of online poker, many years before Doyle’s room. Doyle owns a substantial 40% stake in one of the first online poker rooms, Highlands Club Poker, Todd said. The room was using Planet Poker software, which turned out to be non-random, and Highlands players, including Doyle’s close friend Chip Reese, may have been duped.

There have also been internal setbacks, as Todd Brunson said at the conference, including mixing operating funds with player deposits. Highland Poker soon went bankrupt, owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to its player base. Even though Doyle only owns 4% of the company, he steps up to make sure the site’s players stay healthy.

After the speakers, Brian Balsbaugh, the host of the ceremony, returned to the podium to thank all those who attended the ceremony. Balsbaugh detailed the gift that was given to each ceremony attendee: a special set of 52 cards titled “Doyle Brunson: A Celebration of Life” with event details.

Doyle Brunson’s Last Hand

Each card in the unique deck has what Balbaugh described One of 52 different “Doyle Doctrines,” this deck contains 26 tens and 26 twos, commemorating Doyle Brunson’s favorite “10-2” hand, which won him two bracelets.

Balsbaugh also suggested celebrating the annual “Doyle Day” throughout the poker community. “I want to call October 2 (10/2) Doyle Day,” Balsbow offered. He asked for a second statement on his impromptu motion, received several statements, and then took an informal vote. “We should commemorate his life on October 2nd every year.”

So be it…

Doyle Brunson: There was a memorial service in his...

WSOP: Shaun Deeb presents sixth bracelet to deceased friend

Sean Dib pays tribute to late friend's mother with...

American Shaun Deeb is one of the best players in the world at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). The owner of six bracelets, he won his sixth gem this year when he cracked the 27th event and joined a select team of six-time World Series champions.

As the owner of a solid and enduring career, it’s not just the amount of money and success that Dib has achieved in his lifetime. He has also made countless friends over the years, which I believe have helped him a lot in his growth in the game.

In early April, Shaun Deeb received the sad news of the passing of his good friend Thayer. Rasmussen, “THAY3R” on PokerStars. He has $1,670,657 in live prize money and a host of impressive online results. He passed away at the age of 39 and will be dearly missed.

On Tuesday, Thayer’s family decided to throw a party in his honor, which was attended by a number of friends, including Dib. He took the opportunity to honor his friend in a very meaningful way by gifting his sixth bracelet to THAY3R’s mother.

“Sorry I had to leave sooner than I wanted, but so what if I had a good time.” There are a lot of lucky people who have known Thayer this long and when I received the #6 bracelet , I knew who it was going to,” Deeb said in a Twitter thread.

The post has garnered more than 100,000 views and many comments congratulating Deeb on his hire. Thayer’s brother, Frank Ba Frank Barrett was also touched by his friend’s attitude: “Some of you may know that my brother passed away recently. We had a party for him tonight and it was better than I could have hoped for. Here he is presenting my mother with the WSOP bracelet he won this summer in honor of my brother. thank you all. “

Sean Dib pays tribute to late friend's mother with...

That day has come! Zortea Premium Casino opens with $300,000 investment

That day has come! Zortea Premium Casino opens wit...

After a brief hiatus and an incredible run in Panama, the Poker Adventure Tour (PGAT) will return to its thriving coffee country past. Poker Adventure Tour (PGAT)

is returning to coffee country , where it flourished. Now the new casino brings surprises.

Zortea Premium Casino opened in Medellin and to celebrate it prepared this

Opening Festival with $300,000 in prize money.

The event will be Thursday, June 15-Wednesday, June 21 $500 Buy-In Offers 35,000 Starting Points and Repurchase option with the same reward amount. As if that wasn’t enough, there will also be cash tables for all bankroll levels, with blinds ranging from $1/$3 to $25/$50.

The casino is poised to become the poker capital of Latin America. Behind it is a team of Jhon Barrera

Justin Crespo and Mauricio Salazar.

Medellin is an excellent choice for its tourist attractions, hotel capacity, safety and food. Also, the tour created great memories in these countries, since last year we managed to host the most attended festivals in the country’s history, especially in Bogota.

For more information, see Zortea Premium Casino‘s Social Network and his upcoming website.

PGAT Attendance

Zortea Premium Casino

That day has come! Zortea Premium Casino opens wit...