Carrion and Belluscio are competing in the WPT World Championship

Carrion and Belluscio lead Latinos to victory at W...

WPT World Championship is an exciting event with a $40 million prize pool, a total of 3,835 entrants collected, a value of $10,400, and still an overlay, currently in the Three days, Latin Americans in title contention

The championship prize is $5.6 million, and the money bubble bursts at Wynn Las Vegas this Saturday, 480 Players advance to Day 3. The games this Sunday will be all for money. Rounding out the top 10 are a Breslenho and an Argentinian.

Mateus Carrion finished second.

Mateus Carrion is in second place with 2,615,000 chips, behind leader Alessandro Siena (3,035,000) and Julio Belluscio The tenth rank is 2,385,000 points.

After winning the WSOP bracelet in Las Vegas a few months ago, Bartolo is now excited to return to a major tournament

In addition to Carrion and Belluscio, the Mexicans also carry their flag high as part of the Latin Armada as they have two representatives: Andres Campero is very well placed with a stack of 2,155,000 chips while Diego Sanchez closed with a stack of 1,075,000.

Meanwhile, the other Brazilians and Argentines also battling it out are Joao Simao with 1,515,000 and Matias Gabrenja with 800,000.

This Sunday, Day 3 action kicks off at 12 noon in Las Vegas and six more 90-minute levels will be played with the action resuming with the remaining 36 minutes of Level 15 in blinds of 10,000-15,000 and big blind of another 15,000.

WPT World Championship Main Event

Buy-in: US$10,400

Day 1A entries: 609 (202 qualifiers)

Day 1B Tickets: 730 (265 qualifiers)

)Day 1C Tickets: 973 (337 qualifiers)

Day 1D entries: 1,523 (571 qualifiers)

Total entries: 3,835 (1,375 qualified to Day 2)

Pot: US$40,000,000 GTD

Paid-in places: 480

Next Cash: $18,700 (480th to 445th)Blinds: Level 15 (10,000/15,000 and Big Blind Ante of 15,000)

Top 10 of the count

1st Alessandro Siena – 3,035,0002nd Mateus Carrion – 2,615,000

3° David Levy – 2.600.000

4° Julien Martini – 2.600.000

5° Jacob Ferro – 2.600.000

6° Ade Olonoh – 2.520.000

7° Raphael Blouet – 2.450.000

8° Michael Gathy – 2,400,000

9° Aditya Sadhu – 2.395.00010° Julio Belluscio – 2.385.000

Carrion and Belluscio lead Latinos to victory at W...

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    This text provides information about the WPT World Championship event, including details about the prize pool, number of entrants, and the current standings of the top players. It highlights the presence of Latin American players in the competition and their success so far. The text is informative and gives a snapshot of the current state of the tournament.

  • This text provides information about the WPT World Championship event, including the number of entrants, prize pool, and current standings. It highlights the participation and performance of Latin American players, as well as other notable players from different countries. Overall, it seems like an exciting and competitive tournament.

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