Casinos in tourist areas will become state property

Casinos in tourist areas will become state propert...

Mendoza San Rafael Casino Club, which closed in 2019 after operating for 20 years, will have a new destination away from the cards, chips and early mornings…

After five years of neglect and significant deterioration due to neglect and current condition, the property was transferred from the Gambling and Casino Research Institute to the Department of Education, Culture and Children, which will transform it into a registered city Some branches of the Department and School Directorate currently operate from rental properties.

Minister of Education, Culture and Children Tadeo García Zalazar and President of Gaming and Casinos Ida Magdalena López, signed the lease Alfredo Buffa Agreement for the Nuo Convention and Exhibition Center property.

This is where the San Rafael Casino is now.

In order for the project to become a reality, the building located at the corner of Emilio Civit and Barcala must be renovated, which requires an investment starting from 300 million pesos.

Why is the San Rafael Casino closing?

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, in December 2020, the Mendoza government confirmed the termination of the Casino Club’s concession to operate the San Rafael Casino, leading to the final closure of the venue. The offer for this room expired in 2019 and was closed on October 12 of the same year because it could not be extended.

The decision was made by the previous government and they did not want room concessions in malls to be granted for renewal. Therefore, the option to extend the casino club contract for a further five years is not allowed.

The time it will take to renovate the building, said Francisco Mondotte, director of government affairs at the Ministry of Government. “There will be varying degrees of progress each year. Work will fully commence in the middle of the year. From that point on, we expect the offices to be operational in about 10 months. We expect that to happen towards the end of this year or early next year. Work The deadlines sometimes take longer than expected. Currently, 300 million pesos have been allocated for the construction of approximately 400 square meters of land for the relocation of the offices of these agencies. The building is designed to have an area of ​​1,700 square meters, we can consolidate the offices of the DGE and incorporate the legal status of the Deputy Secretary of Labor or Consumer Protection. We want it to be a place that simplifies the lives of the people of San Rafael.

Casinos in tourist areas will become state propert...

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  • Buckridge.delbert

    It appears that the former San Rafael Casino Club in Mendoza will be transformed into a government building by the Department of Education, Culture and Children. The decision to close the casino was made by the previous government due to the expiration of the concession and a desire not to renew room concessions in malls.

  • Alfreda.maggio

    It seems that the closure of the San Rafael Casino was due to the expiration of its concession and the decision of the previous government not to renew it. The building will now be renovated to house government offices, with an expected completion in about 10 months.

  • It seems like the San Rafael Casino is being transformed into a government office building due to neglect and the expiration of its concession. The renovation process will require a significant investment, but the hope is to create a more efficient and centralized space for the people of San Rafael.

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