Cristian Stival finishes 2nd in Foz do Iguazu KSOP

Cristian Stival finishes 2nd in Foz do Iguazu KSOP

The first King Series of Poker in Argentina has begun, and from Centre of Foz do Iguaçu the first good news for the Argentines participating in the series Messages are powered by GGPoker. Christian Stival is responsible for making his presence felt.

Who has done well in high rollers.

The Argentine fought his way out of 114 entrants, worth R$ 4,000, to finish second. He lost only to R$95,000 winner Sergey Utenkov.

The first prize is R$ 95,000. Meanwhile, the famous Albiceleste player received R$ 64,000. Before the final confrontation,

Nino Parra won the prize of 45,000 reais third place.

Also entered the final table is Ezequiel Diaz (4th place, R $33,500);

Diego Cortazzo (fifth place, 25,580 reias Er) and

Marcos Sebastian Who was the first to bring Man with 10,500 reais cash exit definition. CodigoPoker Main Event Starts Today

KSOP Iguaçu will take place today with the start of the Main Event. The game will start at 4pm and will feature some great players from Argentina.

And top players from Argentina, Brazil and the rest of South America will compete in the region’s most important One of the championships.

With the start of the Main Event, CodigoPoker will also begin exclusive live blog coverage, including the High Roller event starting Sunday. You can follow the tournament step by step on our website.

High Roller Final Score:

Sergey Utenkov – R$ 95,000 2.

Christian Stival – R$64,000 3.

Nino Andres Parra – R$45,000 4.

Ezequiel Diaz – R$33,500 5.

Diego Cortaso – R$ 25,580 6°

Rafael Furlanetto – R$ 20,000 7°

Rafael Pandolfo – R$ 15,600 8°

Marciano Vanucci- R$ 12,500 9°

Marcos Sebastian – R$ 10,500

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Cristian Stival finishes 2nd in Foz do Iguazu KSOP