‘GGorOT?’ wins KOSS 1M Supreme and earns R$81,000

‘GGorOT?’ wins KOSS 1M Supreme and earns R$81,000

On Sunday the 3rd, Suprema hosts another hit event. In the KOSS Event 56-M: R$ 390 Supremo 1M GTD, “GGorOT?” is the one who screams champion. His balance increased by a total of R$81,608. The tournament had 1,957 participants.

In Event 28-H: R$800 Omax HR, “Pow Pow” earned a breakout of R$19,973 and “Ring Of Ass” took silver and R$6,321.

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Event 58-M: R$150 Battle HR (756 participants)

Winner: ” Heuristics ” R$ 16,579

Event 70-L: R$55 Supreminho (1,973 entrants)

Winner: “faceofkombii” R$ 15,857

Event 55-M: R$110 Warm-up (758 participants)

Winner: “NoCrying” €12,290

‘GGorOT?’ wins KOSS 1M Supreme and earns R$81,000

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  • This text highlights the success of various participants in different poker events hosted by Suprema. It shows the impressive amounts of money won by the champions and provides insight into the competitiveness of the tournaments.

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    This text describes the results of various poker tournaments, highlighting the winners and the prizes they received. It appears to be a summary of successful events held by Suprema that attracted a significant number of participants.

  • It appears to be a summary of recent poker tournaments. The text showcases the winners and their earnings from various events, highlighting the excitement and competitive nature of the competitions.

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