Jans Arends is the WSOP $100,000 High Roller Champion

WSOP: Jans Arends Ends His Absurd Track Record Wit...

One Moon Arends, or “Graftekkel,” has the dream sequence that every live poker player wants to live someday. In just four days, he finished third in the $50,000 High Roller and became the overall winner of the WSOP $100,000 High Roller on Wednesday (14th). This is the second bracelet in the star’s career.

The new gold bracelet was awarded at one of the most prestigious events in the series and the second most expensive in the entire event. Ahrendts couldn’t wait to play after Sunday and kicked off on Monday, beating 89 entrants for the astronomical $2,576,729 prize money, the highest of the Dutchman’s career.

“First of all, I really love this sport. , especially when “I’m running really well, this year is absolutely insane”. I’ve never run so well in my life.”Champion Said. Jans’ first bracelet came at last year’s WSOP Online, but he admits winning live feels completely different.

“There’s more pressure, there are people, there are cameras, and the final table is live.” Broadcast. This adds to the stress. The first game was just an online match, and basically everyone saw who won in the end. So it’s very different. I would say more special. ” explains popular online tournament Graftekkel.

The final act is “Final 6” of Event #29. Ahrendts’ competitors include Cary Katz, Adrian Mateos, Chance Chance Kornuth, Jeremy Ausmus and Ding Biao. Ding and Ausmus were quickly eliminated while Kornuth bluffed against Mateos After being cut, he eventually dropped to fourth. Less than an hour into the game, three hands were formed.

It turned out that this hand was crucial to the championship. After the card took a lot of chips from the Spaniard. He hit a full house on the flop and a straight on the river. The board was full of opportunities, folds, and the possibility of a flush, but in the Netherlands Mateos eventually called after a nice river raise.

β€œAfter that hand against Adrian, I thought, ‘Okay,’ Adrian is short and Cary Katz has 25, 30 big blind, he doesn’t want to play any cards. ” “This is the end of the dream.” That’s when I really started to believe. Arends put an all-in for 99 against KK pre-flop, ending Mateos’ five-time title fight. Thus, the match went into heads-up with a 4-1 lead.

He patiently reduced Katz only to see his opponent QT double up Q9 to reignite the tension in the air. Only this time there was no way. Jans limped into the trap with AK and PokerGO’s “El Jefe” tried to steal the pot on Q4 and pushed 13 blinds, but was instacalled and couldn’t find his way out on the AQJ3K board.

Cary Cary Katz walks right into a trap set by Jans Arends and heads straight for his ace king. @Graftekkel wins $2,576,729 and wins $50,000 High Roller 3rd place got his second @WSOP bracelet a few days later.

πŸ“Ί – Event replay: https://t.co/FsWY8HUfmz pic.twitter.com/Q4KaaVINgb

β€” PokerGO (@PokerGO) June 14, 2023

Check out the final table prizes:

1. – Jans Arends (Netherlands) – 2,576,729 US$

2. – Cary Katz (USA) – US$1,592,539

3. – Adrian Mateos (Spain) – US$1,142,147

4. Rank – Chance Kornuth (USA) – $833,854

5th Place – Jeremy Ausmus (USA) – $619,919

6th Place 7th – Biao Ding (China) – $469,464

7th Place – Justin Bonomo (USA) – $362,279

8th Place 1st Place – Ren Lin (China) – $284,979

WSOP: Jans Arends Ends His Absurd Track Record Wit...

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  • This text describes the achievements of poker player Jans Arends, also known as Graftekkel, who recently won the WSOP $100,000 High Roller tournament and earned his second bracelet. It highlights the pressure and excitement of playing live poker and provides details about the final table and prize winnings.

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    This text is reporting on the recent success of professional poker player Jans Arends, also known as Graftekkel, who won the WSOP $100,000 High Roller and his second gold bracelet. Arends discusses the difference between online and live tournaments, expressing that winning live feels more special due to the added pressure and presence of cameras and spectators.

  • This text describes the impressive achievements of Jans Arends, also known as Graftekkel, in the WSOP poker tournament. Arends won the $100,000 High Roller event and his second gold bracelet, earning him a significant prize money. It also discusses the differences between online and live poker tournaments and the pressure and stress that come with live events.

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