Killed and robbed during poker game: He jailed for 12 years

Killed and robbed during poker game: He jailed for...

In CanadaA criminal sentenced to 12 years in prison for a crime spree that included murdering a sex worker and robbing a participant in a home poker game years ago has been solved.

Ali Rafid Khudh Khudhair, 26, Iraqi, admits to playing a card game in May 2021 shot a young woman and committed an armed robbery, which went online in March this year. He was found guilty of the offenses under a ruling by British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Heather McNaughton. The charges include manslaughter, robbery and using an imitation firearm to commit robbery.

Poker Robbery

In March 2021, Khudhair was invited to a family poker game at an apartment in Burnaby, Vancouver. He wasn’t a regular player, but he was sitting at the table next to his friend. After throwing away the chips, Khudhair went outside to smoke, then returned and pulled out a gun. He then ordered the other players to put their phones on the table and lie face down on the floor.

He’s here

Khudhair stole an original Rolex watch from a customer and Punched a poker host twice in the face and then stole $1,500 from him. At this point, the Iraqi decided he wanted more and took his host to his room. He threatened to kill him if he didn’t give him the money left in the apartment. He did so and took $10,000 from the safebut was then pistol-whipped again and ordered to hand over more.

While this was happening, the host, now in the driving seat, grabbed a nearby knife and slashed Khudhair in the face while pushing him out of the bedroom. Khudhair and his friends took the opportunity to escapewith what they had.

Fatal shooting

Two months after the fatal shooting, Khudhair struck up a relationship with a sex worker and arrived at her home before pulling out a gun and trying to rob her. Unknown to the man, the woman’s boyfriend was in the guest room. Somehow, with Khudhair holding a gun, the woman managed to call 911 before being forced to hang up. The woman’s boyfriend went to investigate after hearing what he described as “strange noises.”

The boyfriend acted very bravely and pushed Khudhair out of the bedroom and forced him to follow him to retreat below. As Khudhair approached the exit,he turned and saw the man chasing him and fired a shot striking the woman.

The bullet “pierced (the woman’s soft tissue)” on the right forearm, enters the right chest cavity between the third and fourth ribs, passes through the middle and lower lobes of the right lung, and exits from the right sixth rib adjacent to the right lung in court records.

The friend then chased Khudhair, who threw the gun into bushes before being grabbed and punched before police arrived.

Emergency personnel arrived later and found the woman unconscious. Emergency surgery at the hospital could not save her life.

“Mr Khudhair planned the activities. He entered the apartment with a gun and drew it. He pointed the gun at Ms Arsenault and (her). “Mr Khudhair used The weapons were very careless and reckless. ”

Ultimately, the sentence was reduced to 9 years and 34 days, with credit for time served. The defendant was sentenced to provide a DNA sample and was banned from carrying firearms for life.

Killed and robbed during poker game: He jailed for...

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  • This text portrays the criminal actions of Ali Rafid Khudh Khudhair, an Iraqi man who was sentenced to 9 years and 34 days in prison for crimes including murder and armed robbery in Canada. The details of his crimes, including the fatal shooting of a sex worker and a robbery during a poker game, are described in the text.

  • The text describes a criminal in Canada who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for murder and armed robbery. The defendant planned and carried out the crimes, ultimately resulting in the death of a sex worker.

  • This text describes a disturbing crime spree in Canada, including a murder and armed robbery committed by Ali Rafid Khudh Khudhair, resulting in his sentence of 9 years and 34 days in prison. The severity of the crimes, including the use of a firearm and fatal consequences, highlights the impact of his actions on the victims and their loved ones.

  • This text describes a disturbing crime spree in Canada involving robbery, violence, and the tragic murder of a sex worker. The perpetrator, Ali Rafid Khudh Khudhair, received a sentence of 9 years and 34 days for his actions, including manslaughter and robbery. The details of the incidents are distressing and highlight the need for justice and safety measures in society.

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