KSOP GGPoker Iguazú: Rafael Furlanetto Takes Pot in HR Light

KSOP GGPoker Iguazú: Rafael

KSOP The precious final section of the GGPoker Iguazú High Roller Light was packed with key players vying for the R$95,000 prize pool. One of them was the team’s star Rafael Furlanetto, who took advantage of the Argentine city’s proximity to his home in Cascavel-PR for the event.

Qualifying via GGPoker, he came home stretched and pocketed a huge pot after dodging an all-in and seeing his pair of aces succeed. The match was against an Argentine player who missed numerous outs, splitting Furlanetto’s chips.

The blinds for the game are 4,000/8,000. The Argentinian moved all-in with UTG and Furlanetto raised the hijack to 24,000. His opponent called and they both saw the flop hit the table.

With an overpair and flush backdoor, Furlanetto saw his opponent move all-in immediately with around 100,000 in chips. He quickly called and had the worst showdown imaginable with top pair and a flush draw.

Rafael had to dodge a lot of outs to win the huge pot on the final straight. As Ramon Pessoa put it, “Furlanetto was in armor” and he saw the turn and river complete the board and give him the game. The Brazilian is still in contention for the championship title.

KSOP GGPoker Iguazú: Rafael