Mathias Duarte is EPT Barcelona Mystery Bounty Champion

Mathias Duarte wins EPT Barcelona Mystery Bounty,...

EPT Barcelona attracts players from all over the world, especially Europe, but Uruguay has stolen the show in the event’s inaugural edition over the past two years. Regular player Mathias Duarte was the big winner of the €10,200 buy-in Mystery Bounty on Tuesday (22nd) after a final table packed with quality players.

Duarte repeated the feat of his friend Francisco Benítez, “Tomato”. ”, the same tournament he won in Barcelona last year. Maintaining Uruguay’s supremacy in mystery prize money earned the South American player a whopping €192,000. Duarte earned €104,500 from the regular prize pool and from Another €87,500 won in mystery jackpot.

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Duarte joined Brazilian Ramon Kropmanns in the final table victory. The Midas star claimed one of the two largest mystery bounties and was the fourth to earn the most Bonus player, despite eventually being eliminated in seventh place. Similar names were represented in the FT by legendary Erik Seidel, Englishman Patrick Kennedy and Israeli Tom Orpaz.

Heads up against Connor Beresford, the owner of the Red Sword website account “1_conor_b_1”. The decisive showdown started with more than double the score. The Uruguayans and Matias were in the lead and it didn’t take long for the game to come Got it. On a 3AQ8J board, Conor went all-in with AT and called with KT. Duarte hit the nuts on the river to end the game.

View the final prize pool, including payouts:

1. – Matias Duarte (Uruguay) – €192,000

2. – Conor Beresford (UK) – €100,000

3. – Tom Orpaz (Israel) – €143,200

4. – Patrick Kennedy (UK) – €52,100

5. – Quan Zhou (China) ) – €28,500

6. – Erik Seidel (USA) – €40,200

7. – Ramon Kropmanns (Brazil) – €90,600

8. – Ouassini Mansouri (France) – €29,500

Mathias Duarte wins EPT Barcelona Mystery Bounty,...

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  • Dooley.genoveva

    This text provides an update on the recent EPT Barcelona tournament, highlighting the success of Uruguayan players who have dominated the event’s mystery bounty prize money over the past two years. Mathias Duarte, following his friend Francisco Benítez, emerged as the big winner in this year’s tournament, earning a total of €192,000.

  • Schumm.soledad

    This text highlights the success of Uruguayan players in the EPT Barcelona tournament, with Mathias Duarte winning the Mystery Bounty event and maintaining Uruguay’s dominance in earning mystery prize money. Duarte’s victory earned him a total of €192,000, making him the top earner in the tournament.

  • Jermaine.satterfield

    This text highlights the success of Uruguayan players at the EPT Barcelona event in the past two years, with Mathias Duarte winning the Mystery Bounty tournament and earning a substantial prize. The final table featured top players from around the world, with Duarte ultimately defeating Connor Beresford in the heads-up battle to win the event.

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