Renan Meneguetti represents HU in 11th WSOP Super Circuit and wins $128M

Renan Meneguetti represents HU in 11th WSOP Super...

The only way for Brazil to win the WSOP Super Circuit title for the third day in a row is through elimination. In Event 11: the $800 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Max Championship, “mbappelatepu” upset HU in stunning fashion against Renan Meneguetti, who until then had been leading the FT. The winner earned $177,761, while the runner-up earned $128,524.

Renan confirmed his presence at the final table with almost double the prize money of his nearest rival. At the beginning of the game, he defeated the Chinese player “KETTAlin” with a flop of J♠J♥ against A♦K♣.

In the next level, Renan was involved in the pre-flop game again – in. He defeated Q♣Q♠ in “Mr.” with A♠K♦. Boubou”, directly hit the board 10♣5 2 7 8 and was eliminated again.

The next victim of the Brazilian was Vyacheslav Balaev. In a In a blind war, he made an open all-in and saw the Russian from Argentina call with A♥9♣. With 7♠7♥, Renan was unfazed by the 10♠Q♠4♥7♦3♦ board. Surprised.

With 75% of the chips in the 3-hand draw, Renan saw “mbappelatepu” eliminate “Jugador12” to explain the FT. Despite being nearly 1:4 behind, the mystery grinder only It took just a few minutes to take the lead.

Mbappelathepu won many of the pots without a showdown and continued to lead until he won the coveted gold ring. At the end In one hand, Renan risked 3 BBS and called CL’s all-in bet with Q♥J♠. With J♣3♥, 4♥7♣A♠5♣Q♠ the short stacks on the board had no chance.

Event 11 had 1,717 participants, triggering the $1,000,000 guarantee and distributing $1,304,920 in prize money.

Renan Meneguetti represents HU in 11th WSOP Super...

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  • I think the text describes a thrilling poker tournament where Renan Meneguetti made an impressive run but ultimately lost to mbappelatepu. The detailed account of key hands and eliminations adds excitement to the narrative.

  • Christop.hintz

    I think the text provides a detailed and exciting account of Renan Meneguetti’s journey to winning the WSOP Super Circuit title. The description of key hands and eliminations adds to the suspense and drama of the tournament. It’s impressive that Renan was able to maintain his lead and ultimately secure the victory.

  • It appears that the Brazilian player, Renan Meneguetti, had a strong performance in the Event 11 of the WSOP Super Circuit but ultimately was defeated in a heads-up match by mbappelatepu. The tournament had a large field of 1,717 participants and exceeded its $1,000,000 guarantee in prize money distribution.

  • Beaulah.wintheiser

    This text describes Renan Meneguetti’s impressive victory in Event 11 of the WSOP Super Circuit, where he outplayed his opponents to win the title and take home a substantial cash prize. His strategic plays and ability to dominate the final table ultimately led to his success in the tournament.

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