Rodrigo Melo wins $11 Sunday Storm title

Rodrigo Melo wins $11 Sunday Storm title

Brazil also has an $11 Sunday Storm winner. On Monday the 22nd, Rodrigo “Rodrmineiro” Melo won a heads-up match in a Brazilian tag team match to claim the title and $8,166 in prize money. Meanwhile, runner-up Palissom “palissom0305” Medeiros’ balance increased by $7,644. The tournament had 12,253 participants.

Leandro Burlamaqui takes the podium in the Bounty Builder $44 race. The owner of the “lgburlamaqui” account received $5,674 after defeating 838 opponents.

Marllon Santiago finished second out of 412 entries in the $109 Fenomeno event, a finish that earned him $5,416.

Meanwhile, Bruno “SCCPdk” Ikeda was crowned the winner of the $109 Bounty Builder competition, taking home $5,325.

Also on the site, Rafael “rafaelomito” Arantes won gold in the $55 Daily Supersonic event, taking home $5,325. $5,085.

Rodrigo Melo wins $11 Sunday Storm title

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  • It seems that Brazilian players are doing well in online poker tournaments, with several players winning significant prize money. It’s impressive to see the success and skill of these players in such competitive events.

  • Nikita.schuppe

    I think it’s impressive to see so many Brazilian players performing well in online poker tournaments. It shows the strength and skill of the poker community in Brazil. Congratulations to all the winners on their success.

  • This text highlights the success of Brazilian poker players in various online tournaments, with multiple winners earning significant prize money. It illustrates the growing talent and competitiveness of Brazilian players in the global poker scene.

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