That day has come! Zortea Premium Casino opens with $300,000 investment

That day has come! Zortea Premium Casino opens wit...

After a brief hiatus and an incredible run in Panama, the Poker Adventure Tour (PGAT) will return to its thriving coffee country past. Poker Adventure Tour (PGAT)

is returning to coffee country , where it flourished. Now the new casino brings surprises.

Zortea Premium Casino opened in Medellin and to celebrate it prepared this

Opening Festival with $300,000 in prize money.

The event will be Thursday, June 15-Wednesday, June 21 $500 Buy-In Offers 35,000 Starting Points and Repurchase option with the same reward amount. As if that wasn’t enough, there will also be cash tables for all bankroll levels, with blinds ranging from $1/$3 to $25/$50.

The casino is poised to become the poker capital of Latin America. Behind it is a team of Jhon Barrera

Justin Crespo and Mauricio Salazar.

Medellin is an excellent choice for its tourist attractions, hotel capacity, safety and food. Also, the tour created great memories in these countries, since last year we managed to host the most attended festivals in the country’s history, especially in Bogota.

For more information, see Zortea Premium Casino‘s Social Network and his upcoming website.

PGAT Attendance

Zortea Premium Casino

That day has come! Zortea Premium Casino opens wit...