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Accelerated Poker by Tigergaming

Not surprisingly, the Boost Poker format became ubiquitous in the 2010s and beyond, sharing the title of “online poker’s most successful invention” with Spins. Read this article to learn how to get the most out of Tigergaming’s Boost Poker.


In February 2018, the Quick Poker skin was launched on the Chico Network. There used to be five different Texas hold’em limits in the lobby, but now there are only three: NL$10, NL$25, and NL$50.

At TigerGaming you can play Omaha games with four different limits, with blinds ranging from $0.05/$0.10 to $0.5/$1.


From the time of publication to Around mid-2022, Fast Poker will only support NL10$ limits. From late afternoon to early morning, the cumulative number of contacts ranged from 50 to 110 people. There is constant activity throughout the day, but the maximum number of connections is around 20-30.

The NL$25 table is very busy and a new ranking list has been released which will be launched in summer 2022. Indeed, the 30-50 connections offered are only available during European and American business hours.


Boost NL25$ player’s Daily leaderboard, with daily rewards of $250.

To participate, you must log in every day, visit the poker client’s mission page and click the “Log In” button.

Each dollar of commission contributes one point to the overall ranking. Twenty lucky participants will share the delicious food.

Accelerated Poker by Tigergaming

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  • King.cruickshank

    This text provides information about the popularity of Boost Poker and its limitations on TigerGaming. It mentions the availability of different Texas holdem and Omaha limits, as well as the traffic and daily leaderboard contest for NL25$ players.

  • This text provides information about the popularity and success of the Boost Poker format in online poker, particularly on TigerGaming. It also mentions the limitations and traffic on the platform, as well as a contest for NL25$ players with daily rewards.

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