Triton Poker Returns to London

Triton Poker returns to London to coincide with WS...

After the legendary £1m buy-in tournament 2019 In 2010, the festival was held at Triton Poker London, passing through the British capital. This year, however, the series returns to the fog-shrouded Albion and will be held in a unique format.

After the World Series, players will have time to relax. Triton Poker London is planned for a full 15 days – from 27th July to 19th August. This expensive festival will be hosted by the JV Marriott Grosvenor House Casino.

Triton London’s schedule includes 15 expensive tournaments, but this one is missing out on a millionaire. The top buy-in is the prize money of the already traditional Luxon Pay Invitational event – £200,000, where amateurs invite professionals. Although there is still a long way to go, several pairings have been confirmed. Rob Yong invited Doug Polk, Dao Minh Fu invited Michael Soiza, Santos Suvarna invited Seth Davis, Seth Gottlieb invited Nick Petrangelo.

The series will kick off with GGMillions Live, which is expected to air via satellite and will take place in the PokerOK room. The main event also remains the same, with two £100,000 Hold’em and Short Deck events.

Triton and WSOP will be held concurrently

For the first time in history, the Triton Poker and WSOP Circuit events will be held concurrently. Also, they will take place at the same casino, but the circuit series will run over three days.

Similar things have already happened in Northern Cyprus. There, the Low-Cost Elite Poker Festival slightly overlaps with Triton. But the format also paid off – high rollers who arrived before launch had fun on “micro-stakes,” while some players from Merit Poker allowed themselves some expensive tournaments.

What this is – another collaboration, or whether no one wants to bow to the casino – remains unknown. Regardless, such a “merger” would be an interesting event in the poker world.

Triton Poker returns to London to coincide with WS...