‘Venom’ Guaranteed $10 Million Tomorrow

'Venom' Guaranteed $10 Million Tomorrow

The World Series of Poker is over, but the excitement continues for Latin American millers. Especially now that ACR Poker‘s new Venom is out, with $10 million in prize money, and everyone knows it’s coming, it will It’s crazy.

$2,650 buy-in The tournament kicks off this Thursday at 13:05 ET*. Across 28 levels, players must fight their way into the only day two, July 31st. Prior to this, Day 1B (7/23), Day 1C (7/27) and Day 1D (7/30) will be conducted.

Phase 2 sees contestants compete for prizes and advance to Day 3. During this phase, we will take action until the finalists of Defining the Story are announced on August 2nd.

Although tomorrow is launch day, there are still plenty of satellites to complete the remaining First Flight which can be played with minimal investment and through the Venom Mania series you already have Know the qualifiers.

Tech Specs:

Tournament: The Venom, GTD $10,000,000Buy-In: $2,650Starting Chips: 300,000Day One A: 20.07. 13:05 ET* (28 steps of 20 minutes each) Day 1B: 23.07. 13:05 ET* (28 steps of 20 minutes each) Day 1C: 27.07. 13:05 ET* (28 levels, 20 minutes each)Day 1D: 7/30 13:05 ET* (28 levels, 20 minutes each)Day 2: 31.07. 13:05 ET* (until level 47 with 30 minute blinds)Day 3: 1/8 13:05 ET* (until final 8 levels) Last day: 2/8 16:05 ET* (until a champion is found)

*Check local time here

'Venom' Guaranteed $10 Million Tomorrow

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  • Kautzer.maegan

    This text provides information about the upcoming ACR Poker Venom tournament, which offers a substantial prize pool of $10 million. It outlines the schedule and format of the tournament, including multiple qualifying rounds, and invites players to participate in the event.

  • The text provides information about the upcoming ACR Poker’s new Venom tournament with a $10 million prize pool. It highlights the dates and phases of the tournament and emphasizes the opportunity for Latin American players. Overall, the text is informative and creates anticipation for the event.

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    This text is promoting the ACR Poker’s new Venom tournament, highlighting its $10 million prize money and multiple days of gameplay. It aims to generate excitement among Latin American millers and reminds readers of the upcoming schedule and buy-in details.

  • Nellie.gerhold

    I think the text is promoting a poker tournament called The Venom with a $10 million prize pool, and it seems to be generating a lot of excitement among Latin American players. The tournament features multiple day flights and levels leading up to the final table on August 2nd.

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